Ram Janakiraman

Recent Media Coverage
  1. New generation of digital shoppers
    The Center for Retailing Studies at Mays Business School has partnered with Retail TouchPoints and CashStar to identify a new profile of empowered and engaged digital shoppers.
  2. The effect of university brand on apparel’s sales
    Analysis how engagement from Texas A&M’s official Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn channels on product sales.
  3. Research Identifies ‘Brand Mavens’ Transforming Retail
    The research shows that shoppers who are digitally engaged and brand loyal with a strong peer influence and significant purchasing power, is critical to the long-term success of retailers.
  4. Social Media Investments Pay Off for Small Businesses
    The study reveals that consumers who engage with company sites visit stores more often and spend more.
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  6. Good Connection Between Social Media Fans And In-Store Spending
  7. Impact of Advertising on Lottery Sales in the State of Texas